Field and agricultural land management

InPulse is composed of a comprehensive suite of intelligent sensors, known as Seed, which collect data from fields, transmitting it to control units, which in turn immediately send it by modem to the data centre for analysis. The information, processed by the control units, is accessible via the InPulse platform (which can also be consulted on a laptop or tablet) or on-board instrumentation. InPulse makes it possible to manage agricultural fields remotely, optimising performance and reducing the risk of damage to crops. The platform also provides useful suggestions concerning irrigation and spraying. All of this is made possible thanks to instruments that can be integrated such as InStation and InGate: independent control units (no electrical connection required) equipped with sensors to be positioned in the ground in order to measure vital parameters and weather sensors. Data such as ground humidity, air temperature and wind speed enable swift and effective action to be taken, especially when communicated in real time. The interface, designed to enable immediate and easy reading, offers users access to details about the readings and the option to select the threshold values and manage the alarms.

Main unit used to measure field data, collecting and sending data to the portal independently. Geolocalizable.

The quick and intuitive web application, accessible from a computer or tablet and always on hand. Provides a full picture of the field and complete details of the most important indicators.