Control Unit InStation 2G

Art. 92000

InStation 2G Control unit

Fully autonomous system for monitoring the field and weather conditions, thanks to a system of buffer batteries and a solar panel that recharges it.

Reads all data from the sensors connected to it at regular time intervals and transmits the measurements to a platform so that the data can be viewed and managed. The data is transmitted by GSM technology. The system has a GPS receiver that also measures the exact position of the device installed.

TechnologyGSM GPRS 2G and geo-location via GNSS. SIM technology on Chip.
BatteryInternal buffer battery with Pb Gel 12Ah, recharged by photovoltaic panel
Power SupplyNominal 12VDC
Dimension420x390x230 mm
WeightApproximately 10 kg
Water tightnessGrade IP65
Connectable sensorsUp to 3 soil humidity sensors;
Possibility to connect 1 soil temperature sensor
InputLeaf wetness sensor
InputSolar irradiation sensor
InputConnection of speed sensor and wind direction
Inputair temperature and humidity detection
NoteBatteries included